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Breast cancer is one of the most frightening diseases dealt with by today’s women. In truth, breast cancer is the 2nd most typical cancer among ladies, after nonmelanoma skin cancer. About 13% of American ladies will develop breast cancer eventually in their lifetime. And, it is the 2nd leading cause of cancer death among ladies, after lung cancer.

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Researchers continue looking for new ways to identify what triggers breast cancer and ways to prevent and treat this illness. Today, we still do not know exactly what triggers breast cancer, however we do comprehend some of the threat elements.

We have actually come a long way in dealing with breast cancer– though numerous females still pass away each year. Some of the research study is extremely promising, consisting of research study on green tea.

There is one group of breast cancer patients that really trigger physicians concerns. They are those who have a higher than average expression of the epidermal development factor Her-2/ neu. Her-2/ neu is a development element that in some cases emerges in a tumor. An over expression of this development element is an issue for breast cancer clients.

Testing of patients who have been recently diagnosed with invasive breast cancer, physicians will check the level of Her-2/ neu. If the level is high, this  is used to guide treatment. The level of this element is very important. Research shows people with high Her-2/ neu have a greater likelihood of their cancer metastasizing. This leads to them having a total lower survival rate. The Her-2/ neu is high in about 30% of breast cancer patients.

As part of the continuous research study to discover efficient treatments for breast cancer. Researchers have been looking seriously at the benefits of green tea, both on avoiding cancer and treating it. Asian cultures have utilized green tea for its healing properties for centuries. Their overall rate of cancer is much lower than that of the Western world.

Green Tea

Tea is derived from the Camellia sinensis plant. You’ll hear tea described as green, white or black. These distinctions do not arise from various kinds of tea leaves. But rather from the differences in how the tea leaves are processed. Green and white teas are not fermented throughout processing, however black tea goes through such a processing.

Tea leaves include catechins, part of the flavan-3-ol class of flavonoids which are antioxidants. EGCG is among the catechins in tea, and is a potent antioxidant. Fermenting the tea leaves transforms the catechins to other substances that are not as healthy as those in unfermented tea. So, the focus of research has been on green tea, because of its healthier kind of anti-oxidants.

What’s So Great About Antioxidants?

During our body’s procedure of transforming food to energy, we create complimentary radicals in our body. These complimentary radicals are damaging to our cells and DNA if we do not combat them. Untreated, complimentary radicals contribute to speeding the aging procedure and causing illness such as cancer, heart attack and stroke.

Antioxidants, can help us fight these totally free radicals. Diets high in antioxidants is related to preventing cancer, heart problem and stroke. So, doctors recommend a diet plan high in antioxidants. This means eating lots of fresh vegetables and fruits and drinking green tea each day.

Scientists appear to be finding that green tea may have the ability to increase the efficiency in some cancer treatments. Mice with cancer and take green tea, along with traditional therapy have a increase in the efficiency of it. This may slow down the development of cancer to other cells. There is promising research; associated with breast cancer treatment.

One specific study of interest was carried out by the Boston University School of Medicine. Female mice with breast cancer whose Her-2/ neu levels were high added green tea with their routine cancer treatment. Mice that ingested green tea showed a slower growth of their tumors. With a slower progression of cancer than those who were treated with the exact same medication without green tea.

Scientists also believe that if green tea can prevent the development of tumors in patients already identified with cancer. It might also be effective in avoiding malignant cells from forming and growing in the very first place. This coincides with other research study that shows that green tea might be significant in avoiding cancer. In addition, it helps explain why Asian cultures have such a low cancer incidence compared to the Western world.

Breast Cancer

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This is good news for breast cancer patients who have had a lower survival rate than others with breast cancer. If we can slow the rate of cancer development in those with more Her-2/ neu. We might be more efficient at dealing with these clients.

More research and study is needed in the area of breast cancer prevention and treatment. In addition, researchers will be spending more time analyzing the advantages of green tea in cancer prevention and treatment. It appears that green tea has a place in the avoidance and treatment of lots of illness, including cancer.

There is no drawback to adding green tea to your diet plan. Green tea can help avoid disease or enhance your health. Scientists have discovered no dangers with drinking green tea. It has no negative effects, and is a healthy option to coffee. It’s lower in caffeine than coffee, and has a high level of antioxidants. So, get a jump start on your antioxidants by drinking green tea!


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