Chinese Tea There are 8 Classes Of Chinese Tea

Chinese Tea

You might have heard this old chinese saying. Firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar, and tea are the seven necessities to begin a day. Even though tea is last on the list, we can still see how critical Chinese tea is for the Chinese.

There are truly thousand of chinese tea varieties. Those are generally classified by process, high-quality, and formulas and so on. There are actually eight classes of chinese tea. Those include common tea, oolong, black, purple, white, yellow, flower, and compressed tea.

Common Tea

Common tea is thought to be the maximum herbal type of chinese tea. It is usually picked, evidently dried and dried for a brief time to remove its grassy odor. The opposite types, of common tea skipped the fermentation process.

According to some professionals, common tea has the maximum medicinal benefit and the least caffeine content of all chinese tea. The aroma of this Chinese tea range from medium to excessive. While the flavor is usually mild to medium. Today, approximately 50% of China’s tea is green tea.

Oolong Tea

This Chinese tea is midway between common tea and black tea in a that it is 1/2 fermented. It’s also called “Qing Cha” its leaves are green in the center and purple on the edges.

Oolong tea leaves are basically withered and spread before present process a quick fermentation system. Then, it’s far fried, rolled and roasted.

Black Tea

The chinese black tea produces a complete-bodied amber when brewed. This type of chinese tea undergoes withering. It is then left to ferment for an extended time, ane then roasted. The leaves of this variety grow to be completely oxidized after processing.

Crimson Tea

As the word implies, this type of chinese tea has crimson leaves and purple tea colour. This shade is strongly highlighted throughout the fermentation technique. It is also found that purple tea has low aroma and medium taste. This tea is divided into 3 sub classes: Kung Fu Crimson Tea, Ted Tea Bits, and Small Species Crimson Tea.

White Tea

This kind of chinese tea is now and again taken into consideration as a subclass of green tea. Perhaps it’s miles from the truth that it’s miles most effective withered after which roasted. Much like common tea, white tea has escaped the fermentation procedure. And, it has a low caffeine content.

Yellow Tea

Yellow tea has yellow leaves and a yellow tea colour. According to some professionals, this is a unique form of chinese tea. The taste of yellow tea is generally light and refreshing.

Flower Tea

Here is a completely unique form of chinese tea – the Flower tea. It subdivides into Flower Tea and Scented Tea. Flower Tea is dried plant life, with out a lot of processing, to make tea. The Scented Tea, makes use of green and pink tea as a base and mix with scent of flora. Normally, this has a mild to medium taste and medium to strong aroma.

Compressed Tea

Accordingly this the last form of chinese tea is the compressed tea. This class uses black tea as it’s base tea. it’s steamed and compressed into bricks, cakes, columns, and different shapes. Compressed tea has all the traits of black tea. It is able to be stored for a very long time.


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