Chinese Black Tea, Many Kinds Of Chinese Black Tea

Also called ‘red tea’, the Chinese black tea has been enjoyed by the Chinese and the world for centuries. Its appeal is skyrocketing. I think the primary reason is many think that the Chinese black teas harbor very promising health benefits.

Chinese Black Tea Basics

Chinese black tea comes from China and has been used by the Chinese as part of their everyday meals.

The brewed black tea ranges from reddish brown to black in color. The Chinese black tea mellows with age and grows richer and much deeper in flavor. Vintage black teas boast flavors and fragrances utilized to differentiate fine wine or whiskey.

Storing Chinese black tea is simple. It is usually kept in a well-ventilated place and the tea requires no temperature policy. This is unlike many of the other types of tea. Chinese black teas come in compressed cakes with a variety of shapes and sizes. They could be round, square, and even bamboo-like tubes.

Chinese Black Tea Types

According to various processing methods, Chinese black tea can be divided into 3 different types:

Souchong Black Tea

This is a special type of black tea that grows at the Wuyi Mountain City in Fujian province. According to some experts, the pine-smoking fragrance of Souchong black tea is much various from any other black teas in the world. And, according to various producing location, this variety can be categorized into 4 types

– Tongmuguan Souchong which is produced in Tongmuguan county
– Lapsang Souchong, produced in Chong’ An, Jianyang, Guangzhe
– XingChun Souchong, produced in other locations which around Xingcun town of Chong’ An county
– Cigarette smoking Souchong, which is not from Wuyi Mountain City

Of these mentioned subclasses, the Lapsang Souchong is thought to be the best, providing longan flavor. The Cigarette smoking Souchong, on the other hand, is made from low grade congou black tea. It is processed by imitating methods like other Souchong black teas. Likewise, the smoking cigarettes fragrance of this type is coming from the burning brushwood of the pine plant.

The Q. Congou Black Tea

This Chinese black tea type is developed from the Souchong variety. The most well-known congou Chinese black teas include

ihong of Anhui (Keemun black)

Dianhong of Yunnan.

Suhong of Jiangsu.

Chuanhong of Sichuan.

Huhong of Hunan.

Broken Black Tea

The last type is called “graded black tea.”

Because there is a global uniform grading standard for this kind of Chinese black tea. Well, in accordance with different shapes, the damaged black tea is classified into 4 subtypes. The whole leaf black, with a short strip shape. Broken leaf black, with a little grain shape. Fannings black, with a little piece shape; and dust black, which is powdered.

It is interesting to understand that the origin of Chinese black tea is Chong’An, Fujian. This place is really the city of the Wuyi Mountain today. In souchong black tea was first manufactured in the Wuyi Mountain in the last of the 18th century. Following that, the congou black tea came to life. Ever since, the production strategy of black tea was given to Jiangsi province, then to Keemun.


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