Loose Leaf Tea Or Bags Which Is Best

Tea drinkers that use loose leaf tea, have been drinking tea for their health for over 5,ooo years. They drink tea daily as a workout drink and also use it to help with their diet plans. Even without all the scientific data they knew that there was something in tea that would improve their lives.

Loose leaf tea is the oldest kind of tea used by man. Tea rooms are plentiful around Europe. Today in America there are between 1000 and 5000 tea rooms and more are opening constantly. People enjoy tea rooms for the sophistication they feel while they’re in the tea rooms. People enjoy tea rooms because they are quiet, have pastries you can purchase to eat with your tea. The tea rooms just have the overall attitude of a slower pace.

The use of loose tea leaves are on the rise again. The people of the 21st century have discovered loose leaf tea tastes better. Compared to pressed tea bags plus they are realizing the health advantages of drinking tea. To make tea from loose leaves you put the leaves in a teapot then slowly pour hot water over them letting them steep to your desired taste. The downfall of doing it this way is, you have leaves floating around in each cup of tea. There is another great way to enjoy the delicious flavor of loose tea. This particular way you need a container full of holes to put the leaves into. Then you put it into the teapot, pour hot water over it and let it steep to your desired taste.

Tea in itself is becoming more popular. For many years there were only a few places to buy good quality loose leaf tea. These were health food stores or specialized Chinese tea stores. Now you can go into any grocery or convenience store and find all kinds of different tea products on the shelves. First you need to decide whether you want to make it yourself or buy pre-made. Then which kind do you want black, green or oolong tea. If you decide you want the pre-made stuff, you have to choose between probably 5-15 different brands. Finally, which do you want : with sugar, lemon, peach, etc. The higher the want the more the marketing companies increase the price.

Even after all these years tea is the second prominent beverage behind water, to be consumed throughout the whole world. Mainly in Western Europe, the U.K., United States, and Canada. It’s consumption is even higher than any soda yet, is advertised a lot less.

Loose Leaf Tea Before The Internet

Before the development of online search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN the only place you could find high quality loose tea leaves was in high-end health food stores or from a Chinese tea store. Either place you ordered from it would usually take up-to a week to get your order, if you ordered more than a small amount. Not only did you have to wait for your order it was really pricey because it was a specialty order. Now days you can go online and order anything and everything you want. Go online find the tea you want, the quality and the quantity you want then order it. Within 7-10 days you get it.

E-commerce has advanced the circulation of high quality loose leaf tea. ItĀ also gives people the capacity to order many kinds from different vendors. E-commerce has made it possible for small tea growers to reach the public as well as the large companies. This giving everyone the power to reach out to a broader target market. It allows small tea rooms to order from top companies and receive the same prices as bigger tea rooms. E-commerce gives everyone the ability to order kind, quality and amount plus when they want it to arrive. It is possible to have it shipped overnight or let it take about a week. It’s their choice. Everything about their teas are their choice.

True loose leaf tea drinkers are people that drink it faithfully. Loose leaf tea drinkers are devoted people that usually won’t or don’t like to drink tea from tea bags. They are also patient followers especially when they are waiting on their tea to steep.


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