Tea Cups 4 Types Of Chinese Tea Cups

Chinese Tea Cups

Tea cups as you all know, the Chinese are so meticulous when it comes tea products. Possibly this results from the fact that tea products like the Chinese tea cups as well as tea pots play are very important in the tea prep work. A tea ceremony would not succeed without making use of these tea products. Many individuals have said, the essence of a Chinese tea ceremony would not be felt if these tea items are missing.

One of the necessary items in a common Chinese tea set is the Chinese tea cup. Many tea cups are available in different designs and style nowadays. They even differ according to their uses. I will mention three of the most widely known and also very acquired Chinese tea cups nowadays. Keep in mind that these tea cups are now available on the market as well as you can also locate them online.

The Varieties Of Chinese Tea Cups:

Filtering Style Tea Cups

As the name indicates, filtering tea mugs or cups are utilized by tea enthusiasts to mostly filter the tea. A lot of this sort of Chinese tea cups are designed as well as crafted with inner filters. Below are couple of examples of filtering tea cups:

– Yixing Clay Filtering Cup– This tea cup is made in Jiangsu district, an area positioned 120 miles northwest of Shanghai China. For centuries, the Yixing products have been known as the best vessels for tea. They were made in purple clay and are claimed to absorb the aroma as well as tastes of the Chinese tea. These Chinese tea mugs are likewise claimed to have the capability to hold up against high temperatures and are slow to release the heat. For that reason, the handle continues to be cool even when enjoying extremely hot tea. And also, to enhance the sensible usage, this Chinese tea cup has an inner filter.

Poet Filtering Tea Cup

This Chinese tea cup is actually a porcelain cup which is regarded as a perfect companion for enjoying loose leaf tea. It features its very own lid as well as an interior porcelain filter. This leaves an area for the tea leaves to broaden and also give complete infusion of the leaves. Today, this range of Chinese tea cups portray a photo of a Tang dynasty poet motivated by exterior elegance.

Cast Iron Tea Cups

Black Cast Iron Tea Mugs or Cups. These have long been thought as a perfect way for enjoying tea. It could serve as a fantastic companion for peoples iron teapot or a classical teapot. it is made from strong iron and also has an enamel finish on the interior to stop rusting. You need to keep in mind that this Chinese tea cup currently can be found in various colors.

Specialized Tea Cups

Small Peony Flower Gaiwan– As the name indicates, this porcelain Gaiwan has a lovely peony flower layout. Gaiwan really stemmed from Ming Dynasty and ended up being popular during the Chine Dynasty in China. This Chinese tea cup is large enough for tea brewing, yet little enough to be held for drinking.

4 Season Tea Mug

This is  a charming porcelain tea cup. It has four seasons pictures on it’s  sides, so that’s how it gets it’s name.


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